Sunday, 3 October 2010

Short Descriptive Piece for Uni

Fashion Diversity 2010 took place in a dark maze of a studio in Angel, London.  
A far cry from the glamorous shows taking place at Somerset House, this event 
served to showcase the collections of six emerging designers and was a complete 
contrast to my expectations.  Acting as a fly on the wall for the day, I 
followed the Roshi professional makeup team as they created one look which 
would serve to suit all six collections.  Cramped in to a dark store room 
to work, lit only by a single fluorescent strip light, the overworked and 
underpaid makeup artists were not impressed when each of the three designer 
tantrums of the day occured.  Models looked in incredulously before returning to 
their endless critique regarding every inch of their bodies... "Fat or thin I 
don't care, I can always starve myself but when your bones are out of 
proportion there's nothing you can do."  Suprisingly, the press photographs 
looked professional despite the somewhat grim reality of the shows.  

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