Monday, 8 November 2010

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From vile to vogue in only a few days.


Since my early days of watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast only to admire the dancing vintage white furniture, I have longed for a set of my own. Favouring one of a kind, tastefully battered pieces with a history far older than my own, my tastes have rejected mass production, appalled at the idea of two identical pieces and total lack of individuality. Unfortunately, I had ended up with a vile red desk from Ikea and a cheap pine bed from Argos. It was time for a change.

Whilst price ranges permitted me from purchasing the items I longed for, the cost of paint, and a little bit of elbow grease was within easy reach. Alas, a trip to B&Q was in order. This filled me with a sense of fear as a result of being forced to traipse round it for hours by a certain ex-stepdad. He would pay regular visits to gather tools and other uninteresting items, trailing me behind. The things we do to try and bond!

With little effort, I selected a small tin of white paint with a hint of pink from Crown’s ‘Fashion for Walls’ range. Admittedly, it was chosen for the name… ‘Sketchbook’ took my fancy!

Out to the garage I went. Armed with value sandpaper (false economy), paintbrushes, the boyfriend (for anything requiring strength), and my shiny tin of antique possibilities, I was ready to transform something unremarkable. Two nights of lying on a pile of mattresses and three coats of paint later… voila! Despite some minor worries at first, I was delighted with how the finished piece looked.

So satisfied at giving my furniture a facelift… I have since made over an old dresser of my mothers. (The first piece of furniture she herself had ever bought!) And yes, that does mean that the awful Ikea desk has finally been discarded! 

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