Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Donut Cake

It was my boyfriend's 21st on Sunday and he had requested a cake.
Pretty sure he would never have expected a giant donut but he seemed pretty pleased with it =)
Even the buttercream in the centre was blue to match the icing!
Tasted awesome too (if I do say so myself).


Madeleine Young said...

That is AMAZING Soph! xo

Life & Style said...

Oh my god, that looks soooo good!
I like youre Blog!
Lauri ♥


Sophie said...

Thanks :) I made a lilac one with little sugar flowers on top the other day and I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it! Will have to make more! xx

City Girl (EC1) said...

Yum! Doughnut cakes? What a delicious discovery! I bet your boyfriend was very pleased :) Lovely blog x

Sophie said...

He was indeed! So were his family who got to eat what we didn't!
Thank you :) x

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