Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Another descriptive piece for uni...


Recipe for Perfection

Measure a perfect size mould for your feet and line with your preferred print.  To make the icing, simply combine perfect pastel blue fabric with a sugar coated print of ice creams and cupcakes, for a never-ending supply of compliments.  Mix thoroughly.  Gently spread the icing for an even covering of confectionary.   Add hard wearing, unicorn covered soles and cook for an hour at gas mark 5 to ensure that they will never wear through or be split by glass on sticky nightclub floors.  Allow the heel to rise to approximately 11cm high for pain free partying and blend well with the rest of the shoe.  Ice with small ruffles around the top tier, ready to cradle the foot, then leave to set until solid.  To finish, garnish with a miniature ice cream by the toe.  Bake once more for 30 minutes, before chilling overnight.  Store in a treasured box to protect.  Enjoy!                  

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