Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So Busy Blogging

Apologies for having neglected this blog for the past few weeks, I have been busy writing for the Maggie Semple Blog and have also gotten a year older!

A few posts that you might have missed include:

Have A Very Kooky Christmas,  in which I rave about Zooey Deschanel and how much I love the movie Elf.

Let Them Eat Cake, where I used Sofia Coppola's film, Marie Antionette as the perfect source of spring fashion inspiration.

Children of the Revolution, was about the overwhelming hype concerning the on screen adaption of the classic stage production Les Miserables.

Party Like It's the 20s, brimmed with my excitement for the Summer release of The Great Gatsby.

And finally, The City Of Angels, expressed my appreciation for the striking 40's fashion in Gangster Squad.

This week, I was feeling a little shocked about how the vampire trend has really sunk in to our cinema's and is likely to be reborn again with the upcoming Fashion Weeks...

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