Monday, 23 September 2013

Blogging About Badgers

  I've been blogging for one of my favourite brands again - this time about our poor old badgers, who deserve a bit of attention at the moment...

The Brilliant Badger

The humble badger might initially seem like an unlikely style motif for the mainstream fashion scene, yet the nocturnal black and white creature is currently enjoying some much needed love and attention. The badger has been thrust into the limelight thanks to the overwhelming publicity centred on the proposed badger cull, which was protested against by Queen guitarist Brian May, who is also the vice-president of the RSPCA.

The Government planned to kill thousands of badgers in West Gloucestershire and Somerset, by shooting the critters in attempts to control bovine tuberculosis. Brian May not only led over two thousand people in Westminster to oppose the cull, but also launched one of the most successful online petitions of all time. The e-petition gained over 100,000 signatures, as support and awareness grew, all in hopes of the possibly ineffective cull being replaced by a simple, humane vaccination.

It is rare that wildlife gains such an impressive amount of media attention - the now in-vogue badger has even trended several times on Twitter. All the publicity has not been for nothing, as the anti cull group named Team Badger have recently stated that 70% of the farmers who would have originally taken part in the cull, have objected to this taking place. Hopefully this means that the badgers are now safe, and will only have to tolerate a quick injection as an alternative to losing their lives.

Here at Brat & Suzie we are, of course, complete animal lovers and so decided to pay homage to the bold badgers by including them in our upcoming Autumn/ Winter collection. Featured on a lovely chunky knit peach jumper, the contrasting monochrome badger stands out beautifully. Style the new sweater with other bright colours (as in our latest look book) or let the badger take centre stage by teaming with classic black skinnies and complementary black and white accessories. Make sure to keep a look out for when our beloved new badger apparel becomes available online, as this cosy jumper is sure to be a favourite for anyone who supported the protests to save such an important part of our quintessential British wildlife.      

Written by Sophie Seymour. 

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