Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brat & Suzie Flash Sale

Quick As A Flash!

For many of us, the 28th November will pass by simply as one of the many Thursdays that we have had this year – not quite the end of the week, but with Friday night finally in sight. However, for those ‘across the pond’ in the United States, this date will mark Thanksgiving.

Now, it’s unlikely that we’re going to emulate those in America by gathering our family and friends for a huge celebratory meal (we’d rather just wait for Sunday roast,) but for the first time ever we will be embracing the notion of Black Friday here at Brat and Suzie. Held the day following Thanksgiving, this is one Friday a year when people are more occupied with how to spend their hard earned cash than with plans for going out that night, as retailers offer exceptional discounts and promotions in order to announce the start of the Christmas shopping season in style.

So here’s the good news… Our flash sale is beginning this Friday and running for the entire weekend. When you head to our website, you will find that each garment (excluding those already on sale, because they’re a bargain as it is) will be half price!

If you’re looking for gifts for family and friends, or just eyeing up a few presents for yourself, then this is the perfect opportunity to save some money. Whether you decide on something like the cosy badger cardigan, one of our animal print tees, or our brand new parka jacket, you can enjoy 50% off the original price on as many garments as you can fill your shopping bag with.

Be ready to keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as we will let you know the second the sale begins so that you can shop our animal inspired creations until your heart’s content. Make sure that you share news of the half price discount with other Brat and Suzie lovers, because it will be over in a flash.

Happy shopping!

Written by Sophie Seymour.    

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