Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bloggers Love Bambi

The Walt Disney motion picture “Bambi” has more than earned its place as a classic. Originally released in Great Britain on the 9th August in 1942, the film is still popular today and has been repeatedly hailed as one of the top children’s movies of all time. The tale of a young deer making his way through life without his mother is endearing and sweet, as the young fawn learns fast with a little help the adorable friends he meets along the way.
This season we paid homage to the wide-eyed little deer by including a charming illustrated print on a versatile grey fabric featuring monochrome fawns prancing about and nibbling pink grass within our collection. The two Bambi garments we created are the skater dress for £35 and the midi skirt for just £25. Both are made of 100% cotton and are currently still in stock in every size on our website.

Now here’s where we’d normally recommend that you style either piece with cosy sweaters, your favourite pair of boots, thick tights and knit accessories for these cold Winter days. If you were off on a night out, we’d advise keeping it simple by tucking in a black top of your choice (if you opt for the skirt) and teaming with a glossy patent belt and impressive heels. However, as our Bambi inspired items have proved such a hit with some of our favourite fashion bloggers, we thought you would let their ensembles do the talking, and provide you with some inspiration.

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Written by Sophie Seymour.

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