Monday, 24 January 2011

Descriptive Piece: Someone's Voice

The Storyteller 

His dulcet tones flow gently into your ears, sending you into an effortless state of tranquillity.  Instantly relaxed by his deep, melodious voice, you are delicately caught up by the tale he is spinning, as if you were a fragile leaf lifted up in a gentle spring breeze.  Lulled close to slumber with every soothing word, the storyteller captivates your imagination and ignites your yearning for a world far more fantastical than our own.  The pace and resonance of his notes alter to reveal the personalities of an array of characters and enchanting places that are encountered throughout this charming journey.   As the tale begins to draw to a close, his voices slows and gently lulls.  Reluctantly, you return to reality yet are left in a comfortable state of calm and harmony that can only be created by a truly magical storyteller.                


Anonymous said...

I like this!

Anonymous said...

Condensing from the enchanted invisible realm into our own 8)

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