Friday, 17 January 2014

When I Sold Out: A Kobo Review

When e-readers first started popping up I was a little appalled.  I have been an avid reader my entire life and just couldn't imagine discarding my beloved books for another device.  What about the smell of a new book, the feel of a lovely hardback cover?  Surely I would miss those.  Not to mention that books don't have issues regarding battery life and screen glare.  Sure I noticed a few people with their travel size e-books, who could easily slip their read into a jacket pocket or bag, but I was happy with my bulky book thank you very much.

And then it happened.

I was killing some time and decided to wander into my local WHSmith's.  As usual, I headed straight for the literature section, but something caught my eye on route to the paperbacks.  It was small and affordable, and most importantly came in my favourite powder blue colour.  I had spied a Kobo Touch.

Initially I just carried on walking but later caught myself looking online at this lightweight, appealing e-reader I had seen.  The awful glare similar to that on my i-Pad was nonexistent and most importantly, it was on sale for just £29.99.

Now, me being me, I wasn't happy with the colours that were in stock because I absolutely needed that pale blue soft touch diamond backed model.  After all, if I was going to go against all my previous assumptions and give in to the digital book, it was going to have to look good.

I ordered the now sold out blue Kobo touch online: and waited for it's delivery.  My expectations were to possibly use the e-reader occasionally, for when I wanted to save space taking a book into work or so that I could avoid filling my suitcase with novels to avoid the fear of running out of reading material whilst abroad. 

I'm shocked to report that I absolutely love it.  I don't have to take two books out with me when I'm close to the end of one because they are all stored in the Kobo's memory, ready and waiting.  I have had the device for just over two weeks and it's still on full battery.  True, I will never stop loving going into a book store and browsing, nor will I stop collecting the books of my favourite authors.  However, I read a fairly substantial amount of literature and many of these I don't require a hard copy of because I will rarely return to them at a later date.  The Kobo Touch e-book is easy to use, great to read, has a great selection of literature available to buy, and I also love the 'reading stats' so that I can see my progress.

I am still looking forward to reading the new hardback that I received as a Christmas gift, but there is also room in my life for a little blue electronic book.  Sorry to admit it, but I'm converted.  I even bought a neoprene pouch for it to be stored in whilst I'm not reading:



Britt Gillis said...

I completely understand your conversion. I am also a huge book reader, and my favorite book series are 1,000+ page monsters that are a pain to lug around. I thought I would be missing the tactile experience of reading a book ( I even took a course on book making, I'm that nerdy) if I bought an e-reader. But I'm addicted now! I've even bought copies of my favorite paperbacks in the e-version so I can take them to the gym!

Sophie said...

I'm so glad to hear that... It's not just me!

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