Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Adventures of a PR Intern: Week 3

Since Amber left for her holiday I've been doing pretty well ( I hope).  I have a schedule of everything I need to do and send out so I know what I'm doing.  Plus, she e-mails me every day to make sure I'm on track - I haven't been completely abandoned. 

This week I've been researching gifting to promote some of the brands Clear represents.  I have been trawling the internet for appropriate Bloggers with good sites who would be good for publicity and have also been searching for celebrities who would make good brand representatives.  It has been quite interesting to discover some amazing online fashion mags, websites, and blogs, but the hours spent on Google, Fashion Monitor and The Red Pages have turned my eyes square and made me feel like I've got a proper office job (which is what I've never wanted.)  

Tuesday was my lowest point since I started.  Calling endless publications to find out what they are working on this week to try in order to try and find where it would be good to send samples/ high-res images was the most disheartening thing I've done in a while.  It really opened my eyes as to where the reputation of fashion 'bitches' comes from... they're genuinely rude.  As tempting as it was to ask certain fashion assistants whether their mothers forgot to teach them manners, I remained sweet and kept trying to remind myself that they are plagued with calls similar to mine every single day and it must get pretty tedious for them too.

Wednesday was a complete turn around I'm pleased to say.  It's funny how charming the previously icy magazine staff can be when they realise that you represent good brands and decide that they want something from you!  I got to arrange getting my favourite of the brands, Brat & Suzie, into Company, Sunday Times Style, Heat, Cosmopolitan and Bliss magazines.  Finally, some success!  I've had good responses from the e-mail alerts that I have been creating, which has led to more exposure and me to see the more rewarding side of working in PR.  Let's hope this carries on...

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