Friday, 6 May 2011

Work Experience

Adventures of a PR intern:

 Today is my last day of my first week of interning at the Clear Agency - a fashion brand management company in Shoreditch.  Commuting has been a horrendous shock to my system after a long Easter break but I'm glad to say that I'm really enjoying my work experience here so far.

I have been writing press releases for some of the brands that they have here as well as finding blogs that are suitable for the brands to send gifts and samples to with the expectation that they will then spread the word, raising brand awareness.  As the office is actually a studio, I have also been making sure that the right collections are on display, looking wonderful for when representatives from various magazines come in for meetings.  This may sound a little dull but it's saving my eyesight from the hours of gazing at a computer screen. 

My other duties are to answer the phones, send out samples, arrange couriers etc. I have not once had to do a coffee run - very relieved to not be used as a dogsbody, my last minute placement has turned out for the better.  Plus the staff are lovely, even if they do make me hungry talking about curry a lot!

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