Tuesday, 17 January 2012

At Long Last... The Perfect Black Ankle Boots

I've been searching for these for ages.  Black boots that I can wear constantly but don't get destroyed within a couple of months.  Yes I might have splashed out a bit by paying for Hudson boots, but I don't regret it one bit.  May I introduce the Hudson Multi Suede Black ankle boots:

You can buy these beauties direct from the Hudson website or to avoid postage returns if they don't fit, do what I did and get them from Urban Outfitters so that you can take them straight back to the store.  

The fit comes up quite small and relatively narrow - perfect for my shallow feet.  The boots are light, comfortable and have a small heel on them - plus, I love the worn in, slightly battered finish that the suede has on them. 

Having previously wasted money on £40 boots from high street shops which aren't as comfortable or attract as many compliments, I'm glad to have taken the plunge.  Hudson boots, I salute you.   


Lia.R. said...

These boots are gorgeous! And I your blog is very interesting :) I was wondering how you get a job as an intern and where you went to look for one as I am also interested but I have no idea how it works! Thanks :)

Sophie said...

Thank you! I'm glad I found them :)
I applied for various internships and have made contacts through those which have lead to other opportunities. Check out the University of the Arts website for work experience placements: http://www.arts.ac.uk/careers/creativeopportunities/workplacements/
Good luck! x

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