Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gagging for Graduation

With my first day of lectures starting tomorrow, I can't help but feel yet another wave of third year blues.  I'm not alone...  There seems to be a common crisis which occurs in the final year of doing a degree - the I-hate-my-course, what-am-I-doing, should-I-change-career panic when the workload gets tough and motivation is merely a distant memory.  However, with only a few months left before graduation all I want now is for it to all be over.  Give me the ugly hat and cloak combo, a lovely certificate, and a well deserved celebration; it couldn't come soon enough.  Any aspirations for good grades and a great portfolio are second in priority to just wanting my degree to meet a final end.  Please, just make it stop!

Lately I have found myself longing for summer, not only for the long lazy days and sunshine, but because by then I will no longer have to suffer endless late nights of coursework cramming or the demoralising sense of doom when you read the harsh 'constructive criticism' scrawled over your work.  'They' say that the uni days are the best years of your life, but they also said that about school (which I couldn't miss less if I tried).  Okay, I do enjoy the 10% discount in shops, never starting before 10am, and meeting new friends, but the stress, pressure and hassle you can well and truly keep.

All I can say is bring on my BA; I will be counting down the months...


Sophie Maguire said...

Amen sister

The Dating Disaster said...

I have all this to come next year...God help me!

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