Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Month Without Facebook

It might sound strange, but on Christmas Day I decided to de-activate my Facebook account.  The site had been grating on me for a while but after a Christmas Eve full of old friends ruining news with 'oh yeah I saw it on Facebook,' I'd finally had enough.  No more would I be able to 'stalk' or be 'stalked'... Not that I ever had much interest in viewing other people's drunken photos or overly emotional posts in the first place.  I was going to get my privacy back.

Time for me lately has been very precious, with little to spare and a million and one things to do.  So why would I want to waste my time on an interfering social networking site?  I didn't.  Since the removal of my page I've had several people ask me why I have deleted them.  Maybe I should have sent round a group message to let my 'friends' know what I was up to, or maybe they should have just known better.  Some people have stayed in contact, others haven't.  Those who have are the ones with something to say and who (let's be honest), are much more fun and to put it bluntly, better friends, anyway.  I can't say I miss it.

No longer do I have to see the tide of worthless information that Facebook floods you with.  No more photos of ex-boyfriends new girlfriends, no more parents new children from their latest wives, no more evidence of friends cheating that you don't approve of... What really was there to miss?

The fact of the matter is this: if someone really wants you at the event they're hosting, you'll get a phone call with the details;  if someone abroad has news, they can always email you; if there are photos from a night out you want to see, it's better to get them printed.  There's nothing to lose and only privacy (and maybe even a little mystery,) to gain.  If all else fails, just type back in your password and all that pointless word vomit will come back up as if you'd never left.

Deleting Facebook is something I'd highly recommend, if this was a review, I'd give it ten out of ten.


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you ;)

Sophie said...

Thank you 'anonymous'!!!

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